Resume - work testing protocol


During the current outbreak of Covid-19 in Lebanon with still unknown infection and herd immunity rates, the actual economic crisis and the complete lockdown will no doubt lead to an urgent need to resume activities in factories and enterprises without putting at risk employee’s and customer’s health.

Haykel hospital offers enterprises a modular testing protocol according to your needs.

  • We can provide stewardship in testing policies
  • Full medical and technical counseling for alignment with international health and safety guidelines
  • Covid-19 RT-PCR
  • Immunoglobulin G (IgG) test (ELISA method)


For medical instructions, please contact Dr. Gilbert Karayokoupoglou

Cell: +961 3 304240

For administrative information, please contact Mr. Hamid Bou Dib

Cell: +961 3 761511

Work: +961 6 411111