Patient Information

Patient safety is our first priority!!

Algorithms have been elaborated for admissions and care of COVID-19 suspected / confirmed cases with complete separation from all the rest of patients in the ER setting, for pediatric and adult patients, pregnant women & surgery patients.

A dedicated COVID-19 ward, step-down unit and COVID-19 ICU have been created separately from other wards and ICUs in the hospital.

Our strategy is to ensure the best quality of care for COVID-19 patients with zero cross-contamination risk for our patients and medical staff.

We ensure appropriate medical care for COVID-19 suspected patients while assuring ALL SAFETY MEASURES for the rest of our patients.

All pathways are completely separated for obstetrics, chemotherapy, peditatrics, surgical and medical cases with holdong all elective surgeries.

Education for outpatient individuals who come for testing and for all suspected ER patients who are discharged home is being done:


We follow on patients tested COVID-19 positive with periodic phone calls from the hospital to check the isolation status and advice on the alarming symptoms which need reevaluation or admission

A corona clinic driven by pulmonary specialists is ready on daily basis for medical consultation (full history and physical exam, assessment of need for laboratory or imaging studies and/or treatment)